Variety of surgical instruments.

Five Trends in Sterile Processing to Consider in the Years Ahead

The modern healthcare landscape is always evolving – especially when it comes to sterile processing. Here are five trends that…

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Sustainability from Production to Consumption: The SterileBits Green Ethos

There are many right ways to build a sustainable product, and many wrong ways, too. In developing SterileBits instrument protector…

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Product Spotlight: SterileBits Robotic Arm Instrument Protector

The SterileBits Robotic Arm Instrument Protector is an elegant but revolutionary innovation that allows for aseptic presentation of robotic surgical…

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SterileBits FAQ: Answering Your Most Pressing Questions and Tackling Common Misconceptions

Sterilization and instrument protector cards by SterileBits provide structure, consistency, and sustainability for clinical environments. Because the instrument protector card…

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Q&A: Exploring the Benefits of SterileBits Instrument Protectors with Guy Phipps

Robotic and hinged instrument protectors by SterileBits ensure increased useful lives of instruments, consistency, and sustainability in clinical workplaces. Here’s…

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Confidence in Practice: The “Why” Behind SterileBits Instrument Protectors

SterileBits was founded on the core belief that the instruments clinicians use every day should make their lives easier, not…

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