Variety of surgical instruments.
Variety of surgical instruments.

Robotic Arm Instrument Protector

Robotic arm instrument protector
(Patent pending)

Retrieval Ring on both Ends

(Patent pending)
Robotic arm instrument protector the retrieval ring

Distal Tip Flap Protects the Wrist/Joint

(Patent pending)
Robotic arm instrument protector the distal tip flap protects the Wrist/Joint

Instrument Protectors for Hinged Instruments

Finger hole allows easy retrieval of instrument from peel pouch.

Expandable base accommodates curved/larger instruments.

Open windows allow for direct contact of sterilant with instrument.

Instrument protectors for hinged instruments.
Instrument protectors for hinged instruments with parts.
large hinged instruments.
Large, hinged card 1065-0001

Large, hinged 5.5 in x 9.5 in
Comparable to Comply™ 13915

medium hinged instruments.
Medium, hinged card - 1065-0002

Medium, hinged 5.5 in x 6.5 in
Comparable to Comply™ 13913

small hinged instruments.
Small, non-hinged - 1065-0003

1.75 in x 8.25 in

coming soon orthopedic drill packages.

Sterile packaged Orthopedic Drill Bits


  • Clinically proven to be 4x better in terms of sterility than steam sterilized
  • Packaged in a Class 10,000 clean room.
  • Sterilized using clean gamma radiation.